They called me weird at school today

They shouted in the corridors

Stay away, do no play

With us or even them


But they did not specify which

Or rather witch?


The wyrd sisters of Macbeth

Had the power to control fate

And destiny within the three

Of them


They called me weird at school today

They shouted in the corridors

I shouted back

‘Yes I am’

And it’s no bad thing anymore


I am a Book #2

I am not a person

I am a book

Hardback cover on the outside

Delicate pages on the inside

I tell a story that is not yet finished

People have tried to write my story for me

But they have not succeeded

Their marginalia may be there

But it is only written in pencil

In the bright sunlight it fades

In the pouring rain it smudges

My story is mine to tell

And so I tell it in many forms

Poetry or prose

It makes no difference

I carry my story in an enclosed hardback shell

Not glossy on the outside like the popular best-sellers

Maybe with a torn or battered cover instead

Some pages are yellowed by the years

Some are crisp white

Just waiting to be written on

My story did not end 5 months ago

It continues

Whenever I am ready to pick up the pen

Ode to Books

My friend, and companions

My teacher, greeter and friend

Most beautiful, most handsome

A book till the very end

From basic word to verse

I teach you from all ages

Without discrimination

Whether undisciplined or perverse

Or rich or poor of wages

I am there without cessation


I tell you of battles old and far away

Of dragons, elves and mystery

I show you the path, another way

To change your very own history

Mark me well with a fanion

I have hidden depths, corners unknown

Look deeper and you’ll never come back

For a book is a dangerous companion

I can fill your head full of ideas overblown

To get you back on track


Oh glorious books of every size

Genre, language and text

Makes you happy, makes you wise

Sometimes even vexed

For even the greatest story has an end

Turn the page, close the book

This story is finished, for now

Say goodbye to well met friends

That made you stare and look

And formed your life somehow


This is an ode to you my friends

Thank you books