Waiting Prayer

Waiting, waiting and still waiting

Time passes slowly as I wait

Waiting to see the doctor

Waiting to get a new home

Waiting for God

To speak

To tell me why I have been waiting

For so long

To see his kingdom come

To see his will be done

On the earth and in heaven

It is a season of waiting

But where is the end?

Dear Lord I pray to you

That if this is a season of waiting

That you give me the patience and personal strength

To wait

For your will to come to fruition

And as I wait

In this hospital

In this place of waiting

That you do not leave my side

So that I have someone

To wait with


The First Candle

A lone candle stands in a wreath

The first light in the darkness

That will be joined by more

And they will light up the altar

But let us not forget that first candle

That first light in the darkness

That Mary, so young and tender, conceived

That first spark of life in a dark time

The spark inside of her

Overwhelming love


Dark times lay before them

But they had life in a little spark

Inside of her

The first light

There at the beginning of creation

The first candle to be lit was Mary

By the flame she called Jesus

Working and weaving together in God’s divine embrace


The very first advent

Came and went

The candle still burns bright today

Mary and Jesus

The lone candle sharing a divine embrace